UN Human Rights Conventions

The Human Rights Institute published the book International Human Rights Conventions to which Iceland is a party, 2nd edition, in the year 2012. The publication is a collection of major international human rights covenants of the United Nations and Council of Europe. The publication includes 26 convenants and annexes, ratified by Iceland, as well as the UDHR in new translation and the Charter of Fundamental Rights, which took effect in 2009.

Since the first edition of the book was published in 2003, Iceland has ratified several new human rights treaties, including the prohibition of trafficking, sexual abuse and human rights and biomedicine. In addition, the provisions of the European Human Rights Convention for the conditions of complaints and procedures for ECtHR, were amended by Annex 14 and took effect in 2010.  The ECHR is published in the book, with the new amendments.

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