Abstracts of judgements of the ECtHR

On 10 October 2005 the Institute of Human Rights of the University of Iceland published the first volume of a journal with abstracts of judgments in Icelandic of the European Court of Human Rights. From the beginning the publication has been supported by the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights.

The first volume each year covers the Court of Human Rights' judgments for January-June; the journal comes out twice a year. The second volume covers July-December and usually comes out in April. A special editorial board supervises it.

The aim of the journal is to spread knowledge amongst the Icelandic attorneys and other interested parties about the functioning of the European Court of Human Rights. The publication is also intended to be a forum for various scholarly writings related to human rights and, as relevant, decisions of other international institutions and committees dealing with human rights.

The influence of the European Convention on Human Rights on Icelandic law in the last decade is unequivocal. To grasp the purport of the convention's protection, it is necessary to know how the Court of Human Rights construes the convention's provisions and implements the constuction in its implementation. The court's implementation is still undergoing major development, and new disputes come constantly before it for resolution.

The journal contains selected abstracts of judgments deemed to have special value for construing the convention's provisions. Also, judgments are included that have special significance for Icelandic law, especially in cases against Nordic countries, where there is often discussion of legislation or decisions having parallels in Icelandic judicial practice. Finally, Icelandic translations of decisions and judgments in complaints against the Icelandic State are published in their entirety; up to now they have only been published on the Ministry of Justice's website.

The University of Iceland's Institute of Human Rights has made an agreement with Attorneys' Journal, which has wide circulation among Icelandic lawyers, on distribution to the subscribers. Also, the Ministry of Justice will see to the distribution to institutions within the law enforcement and judicial system.

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