The board

The Board of the Institute shall be comprised of four members and two alternates for a two-year term. The University Council shall appoint two Board members and one alternate and the Board of the Icelandic Bar Association and the Icelandic Judges’ Association shall appoint one member each and one alternate. Decisions at Board meetings shall be made by majority vote.

The members of the Board are the following:
From the University of Iceland:

Oddný Mjöll ArnardóttirOddný Mjöll Arnardóttir Professor, Chairman,

Björg ThorarensenBjörg Thorarensen Professor,
From the Icelandic Judges’ Association:

Þorgeir Ingi NjálssonÞorgeir Ingi Njálsson District Court Judge,
From the Icelandic Bar Association:

Ásgerður RagnarsdóttirÁsgerður Ragnarsdóttir Attorney,


Pétur Dam Leifsson Pétur Dam Leifsson dósent, varamaður,

Hilmar MagnússonHilmar Magnússon Supreme Court Attorney,



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