The Human Rights Institute

The Human Rights Institute is a private institution, founded in 1994 by the University of Iceland, the Icelandic Bar Association and the Icelandic Judges Association.

The main objective of the Institute is to research the legal aspects of Human Rights, distribute the outcome and support teaching in this area. The Institute can research other aspects of Human Rights, as decided by the board at any given time.

To this end, the Human Rights Institute publishes abstracts of the judgments of the ECtHR and literature about human rights. It conducts meetings, seminars and conferences and offers continuing education courses for judges and practicing lawyers.

Other activities

Research services

Law Institute has undertaken research services at the request of Parliament, public institutions and offices, ministries, organizations and professional associations, leading discussion and conclusions in the form of opinions and reports. In many cases, request that the results will not be made public but the agency displays different results.

Appointments to committees and council

Ministries, institutions, office, clubs and organizations can request the Institute of Law appoint a representative to sit on committees, councils and working groups dealing with legislation or other issues that require expertise in law.

Location and contact information

The office of the Human Rights Institute is located in Lögberg, the Law Faculty´s building, e-mail:

Margrét Cela,, +354 5254386